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At VANNI We Care

We became a “Società Benefit” (an Italian corporate law typology comparable to a benefit corporation) in December 2021, after surviving the planet's two worst years, we felt it was crucial to reflect on a fresh start, which led us to take hold of our bylaws and reconceive them. Difficulties serve no purpose if one doesn't know what to make of them. Our new statute now incorporates what are known as "objectives of common benefit," our horizon encompasses not only a purpose of corporate profit but a commitment to improve the world or, at the very least, to not do it harm with our choices.


“These past years provided us with an opportunity to redesign and rethink ourselves. We did not want to let them pass without taking action. Hence, the need to work towards bringing about a medium-to-long-term change in the social and environmental impacts we produce, in response to the evident challenges of the next decade. Not merely an external makeover, but a substantial assumption of responsibility.”

Giovanni Vitaloni and Alessandra Girardi - Owners of VANNI srl Società Benefit

VANNI was the first italian company in the eyewear scene to become a Società Benefit


Transparency for us means being able to tell and trace every step of the production process, Made in Italy, for sure



Choosing to produce our glasses in Italy allows us to give value to the industrial knowledge of our regio and significantly reduce Co2 impacts caused by transportation


Each of our actions leaves a footprint on the planet. Deciding where to stand, consciously choosing how big of an impact to have, is something we do every day


For more than 15 years, contemporary art has been a  source of inspiration for us, this is why we support young emerging talents

Our values


Transparent communication is the foundation of our business. Who we are, what we do and how we do it, is all information we reciprocally share with our production partners and convey internally to our distribution network and to the community of customers and persons who choose a pair of VANNI glasses.



We are a small company, so the value of sharing is of fundamental importance to us. The relationships we have established and maintained over the years with our suppliers and customers worldwide, the networks of associations, entreprises of which we are part, and institutions we collaborate with, allow us to actively participate, in our small way, in broader and systemic change.


We want to create a "culture of sustainability" that we can spread in the Italian and international eyewear industry;  an industry that - apart from a few large multinational groups - is made up of small companies like us. We work to create awareness among suppliers, distributors, sales agents, and opticians about sustainability and the importance of taking responsibilities for the choices we make.

Our Impact Reports

These are our impact reports: documents that our legal status requires by law, but more than anything, it is truly an opportunity for us to revisiting our history — where we started almost 40 years ago — to focus on where we have arrived, and where we are going.

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