It’s important to stay in touch with origins: VANNI’s are in Turin, where 20 years ago the first and only VANNI showroom opened its doors. Since 2014 it has been housed in the historic rooms of Palazzo Gramsci in Piazza Carlo Emanuele II, also known as Piazza Carlina, in the beating heart of the city. A place to try on the latest eyewear collection is every shape and colour. The VANNI showroom is also a project-space for art. A hub for the brand’s special projects, dedicated to contemporary art, but also to design.

SHOWROOM VANNI | P.zza Carlo Emanuele II, 15/A – Torino | Ph. +39 011.836234 |
Open: Tue.- Sat.:



Le nuove borse-shopper di VANNI sono di “Colori Vivi”,

sostenibili con un impatto sociale

Colori Vivi è una start-up di moda torinese ad alto impatto sociale perché impiega donne migranti in condizioni di vulnerabilità. E’ l’impresa legata al territorio, e alle sue eccellenze, che la Showroom ha scelto per la realizzazione delle sue nuove borse: sostenibili perché utilizzano tessuti da fine pezza e solidaliperché sostengono il lavoro femminile e l’integrazione. Portale a casa e riusale ogni volta che puoi. Per scoprire di più sul laboratorio segui

VANNI at the movies and on TV

While VANNI's city celebrates "Turin City of Cinema" to commemorate 20 years since the inauguration of the National Museum of Cinema, VANNI offers you a tracking shot through the images from film and television in which it helped to characterise, thanks to its own eyewear, the personality of the characters, working in close contact with costume departments and directors.

From the glasses equipped with a hidden camera in spy stories, to those that obscure the gazes of celebrated actresses, to the optical frames for police and expert thieves, mysterious women and very bright children, here are the film stills from the productions that had success on both the large and small screens.




Personalized Consultancy for our Turin's customers

A style consultant at your disposal, without ever having to leave the house. VANNI Showroom’s new service is intended for those who don’t want to give up adding a touch of frivolity to their day, but prefer to remain comfortably on their couch.

It’s super simple: we schedule an appointment, all you need is a cell phone, and we organise a personalised video call with our staff for a consultation on the style, shape, and colours of the glasses perfect for you. Together we’ll choose the best frames from the season’s newest looks, and you’ll receive your personal selection right on your doorstep, so you can take your time deciding with complete certainty which you prefer.

We’re ready, are you?

TAKE CARE: how to protect your glasses from common damage

A few simple but important rules, to see better thanks to clean lenses, and to preserve the frame.

Given that we can’t go outside, let’s avoid damaging our precious tools of vision. We begin with hygienic precautions, incredibly important in these times: clean and dry your glasses frequently. Try not to touch them often with your hands. To clean them it’s ideal to use room temperature water (never hot), adding, if you don’t have a specialised detergent, a drop of dish soap. It’s not recommended to use alcohol because after a while it can corrode the shine on the acetate frame. To dry them, a clean cotton cloth works just fine. And don’t put them in the dishwasher. It seems like a silly warning, but some have been known to do it.

A more general recommendation: eyewear in acetate is afraid of direct heat sources. Take off your glasses if you’re cooking or if you open the oven, don’t leave them on the car dashboard in the sun, especially not in summer, and don’t keep them on while you’re using the hairdryer.

TAKE CARE: dangerous encounters for our eyewear

Then, there are “dangerous encounters” that could damage your glasses. Pay attention to sprays, whether they be perfumes, deodorants, or worse yet, hair sprays used close to the face: they could permanently ruin your lenses.

And to keep the shape of your frames always perfect, as well as to avoid stripping the screws, don’t ever use your glasses as a headband; when you take them off use both hands.

The simplest recommendation? Don’t leave your glasses loose in your purse or backpack: remember to always put them back in their case, it’s the best life insurance you could have for them.

TAKE CARE: our sight and the computer

Hours and hours on the computer, smartphone, or tablet: since we’ve been in lockdown the amount of screen time we usually spend working on the desktop has multiplied with films, reading, online courses, chats, and conference calls. It’s the same for our kids, who have suddenly gone from in-class lessons to following their teachers for entire mornings on their screens.

What can we do to lighten the pressure on our eyes that have been exposed to harmful blue light for so long?

Here are some practical suggestions:

look at the screen straight-on, it’s best to avoid exaggerated angles; avoid a large difference in the brightness of the screen and the light in your environment: don’t stare at the computer in a dark room, but not in full sun either. Keep the brightness and the resolution of the screen sufficiently high so as not to strain your eyesight.

The ideal distance between your face and the screen is about 60 centimetres (about the length of an outstretched arm).

Every hour try to at least to look away from the screen for 5-10 minutes. And remember that lenses intended for long-term computer use do exist, ask a specialist for a recommendation, and don’t forget the importance of prevention.



How to present yourself on video: our style recommendations.

We’ve never spent so much time in front of a camera before. Every day we become the protagonists of a film, whether it be a comedy or a drama, and just like in a film we are challenged to curate every aspect of the foreground as well as the set behind us.

Video call with friends:they call them house parties, and everyone responsibly stays at home, but together they share laughter, and a nice glass of wine.

The background: convivial and welcoming, a certain amount of controlled disorder isn’t a bad thing; ideal would be a dining room table or a couch. The framing of the shot: definitely an American shot, from the knee up. The look: partygoer, without excess, but make an impression! Play with fun touches and patterns, on the whole look, sloppiness is forbidden. For the ladies: wear make-up. At least a bit. It will help you to keep your spirits up. The glasses: for women it’s the moment to be daring with cat eyes in acetate frames, or square shapes in metal, in a colour that matches the nuance of a cheerful lipstick or a flashy earring. For men, a touch of whimsy is obligatory in the shape or colour, leaving behind classic severity.

Video call for work:much less fun than calls with friends, it imposes some essential rules. Let’s go through them:

The background: order and cleanliness are fundamental and will reflect well on you, choose to stay seated at a desk and, very importantly, check beforehand what will be visible to the others on the call. The framing of the shot: absolutely upper body. The look: polished but not formal, no jacket or tie for men, but rather go for a nice shirt or at most a polo. For women say yes to an understated colour for the top, or a sober pattern for a dress, in natural materials. A refined accent is provided by a sober jewel at the neck or as earrings. The glasses: if the advice is to err on the side of conservative for the rest of the look, the glasses are where you can aim to add interest around your face. Keep the dimensions proportional, but don’t shy away from a touch of colour: the glasses you wear will say something about you, showing personality and authority, without banality.