https://www.moma.orgVANNI artist room is a space for VANNI’s projects connected to the art world, born from collaborations with artists, fairs, and contemporary art institutions. A free space where creative art and design meet, where fresh ideas and new perspectives on the world reign supreme.

VANNI artist room comes from VANNI’s commitment to keeping its link to contemporary creativity alive and well. A commitment sustained for over a decade thanks to the international competition Autofocus, that since 2009 has awarded over 40 young artists, supporting them in their artistic journey, buying their works, and organising over 20 personal shows.

Museums to visit from your seat at home

The museums are closed, the art galleries have suspended all of their programmed shows, public art is not accessible because it creates crowds. It would seem that art in the times of the virus has fallen off the radar. But instead, it’s more present than ever, to distract us and to console us in these difficult times. Only, it’s gone virtual: the big institutions of art and culture open their doors and make visible their collections. How can a piece of art communicate with us through a screen? Let’s talk about it. Artist room launches the challenge and invites you all to become regular visitors of the most important museums of the world, from your seat at home.

Here is a selection of “visitable” museums on the web.

Pinacoteca of Brera - Milan | Uffizi Galleries - Florence | Vatican Museums - Rome

Archeological Museum - Athens | Prado - Madrid | Louvre - Paris

British Museum - London | Metropolitan Museum - New York | MOMA – New York

Hermitage - San Pietroburgo | Google Arts and Culture


Have you visited some of the world’s museums, from home? The list continues to grow with new possibilities, which you can find here. And this time we'd also like to talk about some very special books.

Very special because they’re audio books. A necessary note: nothing can substitute the pleasure of reading from a real book, from the printed page, nor the pleasure of going to the bookshop to buy it, or the library to borrow it. But a different way of accessing “stories” does exist; the ones we’re pointing out are available for free download as audio books, and you can listen to them on your phone or on your computer. They’re narrated by well-known actors, and the timbre of a theatrically trained voice adds much to the reading. Not to mention that they come in 5 different languages. It is a great occasion to give your eyes a rest and, if you choose a different language from your own, to practice a foreign language, listening to the classics of world literature.

Explore here:

CONCRETE by Cristian Chironi

In 2019 the encounter between the originality of design and the visionary quality of art takes place on new territory, departing from the paths that have already been explored, and stepping into the realm of eyewear with CONCRETE by Cristian Chironi. Fruit of a collaboration with Artissima, the international contemporary art fair in Turin where the artists of the future are discovered, CONCRETE is the first capsule collection of artist designed eyeglasses that physically incorporates, through the productive dimension of VANNI, the universal energy of emerging artistic languages.

The glasses become, from this new perspective, not only a tool for vision but representations themselves of a unique point of view: the one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable reflection of the artist that tightens the bond with the world of design. His own personal artist room in the home of VANNI.


Autofocus 2009-2018. A decade of VANNI in art, an extraordinarily creative experience.We kicked off in 2009 with momentum and motivation, moved only by curiosity for the contemporary. Autofocus is the VANNI eyewear competition for emerging art that has awarded more than 40 artists and organized more than 20 personal shows, in a gallery that has grown from a portion of the showroom into a project-space entirely reserved for art.

As a company, to invest in emerging art for a decade was not an obvious choice, and not a marketing strategy. From the start, VANNI had the desire to create a free space from which to draw inspiration, gathering visions of the contemporary moment that would reflect the perspectives of new generations, in their irreverence, creativity, and vivacity, free from constraints and conventions.

Each of the Autofocus winners receives a catalogue and a purchase offer: purchases with which Vanni has bit by bit built its private collection, that today, displayed in the spaces of the company, represents the vitality of emerging artistic practices.