VANNI and University of Bicocca Milan, together to provide free optometric exams and complimentary eyeglasses for vulnerable residents of Milan’s area.

We are proud to announce the results of UniForYourEyes, VANNI’s project in collaboration with University of Milan Bicocca.

The project was established to build and strengthen the relationships between university and enterprise in order to develop cooperation models to bring about positive change to our communities and the people that live in them.

A partnership between the University’s Center for Research in Optics and Optometry (COMiB), VANNI and a number of other companies, the project has already succeeded in setting up a permanent service of free optometric exams — carried out according to the World Council of Optometry’s highest standard — and complimentary eyeglasses for vulnerable residents of Milan’s area.


We are happy and proud to have contributed to such an invaluable effort by having provided over 300 hundreds of frames, with the hope of being able to expand the project to embrace more and more neighbourhoods, starting with our home city of Turin.

We strongly believe in the power that the joint efforts of universities, private sector and local organizations have to generate positive impact for the public, and grateful for the chance this project has given us to open a dialogue with the next generation of optometrists.

To know that we can help make the members of our community both see and feel good by wearing quality glasses makes our desire to build beautiful frames ever stronger”, as stated by Alessandra Girardi, Vice President of VANNI srl SB.


The partners that made until now this project possible are: Mylan by Viatris, Lions, BBGR Galileo, Municipio 9 Municipality of Milan, Niguarda Hospital.