VANNI in the city

VANNI in the city is the new campaign 2023

VANNI in the City is the new VANNI campaign for 2023: the story of a day in the city life spent hopping between spaces of culture, art, and fashion.

Torino, VANNI’s home city and constant source of inspiration, acts as a postcard-worthy backdrop for a cast of characters who pass their time between work and leasure, between attention to detail in their careers and lively, carefree moments with friends. All’italiana, with a touch of the cosmopolitan.

The video paints a series of tableaus with quick brushstrokes, from a car ride to a site visit at an art foundation, to a photoshoot for an ad campaign in an indie cinema, and then steps outside among the buildings and streets, before bringing everyone together at the table, to share the warmth of a dinner with friends.

VANNI’s signature touch of “Made in Italy, for sure” characterizes the frames of the newest collection, animating a current, contemporary "dolce vita" based on solid values and objects made to last. VANNI glasses define and express the unique style of their wearers, for any occasion.

See our video VANNI in the city HERE