VANNI Eyewear becomes a benefit corporation

Beautiful glasses, creating value

Beautiful glasses, creating value

Since 1990 leader in the world of creative eyewear design VANNI today takes on the form of a “Società Benefit” (Benefit Corporation), a corporate typology (introduced in Italy by law) that applies to the companies that pursue objectives of common good- beyond those of profit- in their corporate purpose.

As stated by the president of VANNI, Giovanni Vitaloni: “For us, the pandemic has been a moment to redesign and rethink. We did not want to let this moment pass without making something of it. From here came the urgency to bring about, through the activities of the company, a medium to long-term change in both the social and environmental impact we produce, in response to the foreseen challenges of the next ten years. It is not a surface-level makeover, but rather an undertaking of substantial responsibility.

As such, it is important to make visible, and thereby measurable, a model of good business that we believe to have embodied from the start. We seek to emphasise this by adding the objective of common good into our statute, involving our partners in the process of change as well.”

At VANNI We care, is our new vision.

Alessandra Girardi, co-owner of VANNI, continues: “from today on, guided by the new goals outlined in the statute, VANNI will give life to a “plan of action” that will create multiple areas of work, to be developed through concrete action for progressive improvement and a constant striving toward our objectives. Being sustainable today means managing, with attention and care, all of impacts of the business on our community and on nature, encouraging the spread of positive and responsible practices to those who work with us.”