VANNI Accent: a stylish combination

VANNI Accent: a stylish combination
4 Mar 2020 Permalink

A detail that defines a personality. In fashion, it’s called an “accent”: the feature that makes a style unique, characterises its tone, bestowing it with an individual and inimitable voice and an air of class.

VANNI’s ACCENT collection in metal combinations adds an accent of colour to the glasses, making them unique, shifting the emphasis to colour and the contrast between materials.

The Accent combination glasses pair a frame made from milled metal in either classic or vibrant colours with an element (the aforementioned ACCENT) of coloured acetate applied to the lug.

The ACCENT colours applied on the lug of the new collection are the result of a single colour, transparent and tinted, and wafer-thin pearled effect acetate sheets, to give the frames an extraordinary luminous quality.