The trends of the season, according to VANNI.

Every week a style pointer for your look, from head to toe.

On the streets, there’s much more fashion than what we see pass by on the twinkling catwalks of the big brands. Fashion is accessible, and the strict style codes of past generations exist no longer; today it’s freedom from conventions that dictates the rules, or lack thereof. So here they are, for you, some ideas to copy, to steal from the fashion shows and photo shoots.
Have you noticed the first flowers of spring are all YELLOW? It’s not a coincidence: their vibrant color is a call to the newly awakened bees. This season’s fashions showcase that same yellow, which complements every woman and yet is almost never a first choice in the closet. It always seems too bright, too flashy. The coming summer, however, proposes a thousand different nuances, toned down or more ostentatious, from lemon yellow to saffron, to warm amber. On shirts and long, flowing skirts, but also on shorts and deconstructed pants, or flawlessly tailored suits.

Our recommendation? Go for it, you won’t be disappointed. And if you’re not scared to be noticed, pair it with blue, orange, or green. If you’re able to daringly balance every ingredient of the look, avoiding a parrot effect, you’ll be very satisfied. If instead you prefer to keep a lower profile, without missing the chance for a touch of sophistication, you can always incorporate an accent of color through accessories, from shoes, to scarves, or eyewear.

The Macros in yellow reveal the original composition of the sheet of exclusive acetate realised by the VANNI style center, a line that recalls the macroscopic vision of an organic material. The sunny tonality is emphasised by ultra-feminine shapes, also in dual-color combos with violet, the essence of refinement, or the classic tortoiseshell. A pattern that accentuates different complexions, from light to brown: an accessory for all that will never pass unnoticed.

Macro glasses of the new collection come also in a soothing mint green, a delicate rose pink, a Caribbean turquoise blue.