The colour of fashion is classic blue

The colour of fashion is classic blue
3 Apr 2020 Permalink

The magazines and the influencers have both confirmed it; this year, the colour of fashion is classic blue. A timeless hue that instills a sense of serenity and calm. The colour of the sky and the reflection of the ocean, blue transmits to whomever wears it a sense of balance and soothing reassurance, far from the chaos of daily life.

And in the fashions for spring/summer, it’s all the rage: like an emperor in the kingdom of clothes and accessory materials. Do you want to look elegant and refined, but also reassuring and authoritative? Dressed in blue, even in total look, it is a colour that compliments anyone, of any age.

And if you want to be on the cutting edge: choose blue for pants that close at the ankle, “wrapped ankles”, or for bermuda shorts that enhance playful summer suits, but also on soft, loose shirts. Blue jean dresses are always a classic, bringing back 70s shapes that are vaguely hippie. On refined purses and kitten heels with pointed toes.

Blue has always been a beloved colour at VANNI eyewear, for both men and women, in acetate variants from the sophisticated MACRO and PIXEL lines, but also in pearly, luminescent monochrome as seen in the ACCENT collection, or in coloured tortoiseshell from the classically sedate UOMO collection.

As a colourful detail it emphasises an elegant metal frame (combined ACCENT), or as metal it highlights minute geometric designs or refined, retro-style browbeams (REMASTER).